Princes don’t scrub mud

(this post contains a lot of SCA-speak)
I went to the Mists-Cynagua War on Saturday. It was pouring rain and rather cold in the early part of the day, and there was lots of mud everywhere. Duke Jade, who also happens to be Crown Prince of the West, was autocrat, and as such spent a LOT of time spreading gravel over the mud so people wouldn’t slip and fall. I didn’t think too hard about that, because he *was* the autocrat, and that’s what the autocrat does. And while he is Crown Prince, somehow that is different in my head than King or Prince of a Principality. However, when I spotted Sir Brion, Prince of the Mists, scrubbing mud off of the potluck tables with a blue towel, I could not let that continue.
Me: Your Highness, you should not be doing that…
His Highness, Prince Brion: Eh… (dismissive gesture)
Me: Your Highness, Please? (holding out my hand for the towel)
HHPB: Thank you. (hands me the towel, and I scrub scrub scrub)
The fighters had used the tables earlier in the day to do a ravine battle, with those having been killed climbing over the tables to get out of the way of the live fighters. This resulted in a whole lot of mud all over the tables- tables we were using to eat the potluck dinner. My arms are sore and my hands hurt from all the scrubbing, but at least I can feel better about skipping the gym this weekend, because scrubbing tables apparently works up a sweat.