Ganked from Kat and from Caryn. We all love this meme. Eventually there will be real content here again, if I can ever get it out of my head and into text. So for now, play along!
The Rules:
1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle.
2. Post the first line of lyrics for the first 15 songs.
3. Readers try to identify the song.
4. NO CHEATING. (aka: no using Google to find the answers!)
**I added second lines to the songs not yet guessed, though frankly, there is one down there that I’m shocked hasn’t been guessed yet…**
1) I know a couple, she sits in a rocking chair, working puzzles, he watches TV upstairs
2) Last time I saw her it was turning colder
What She’s Doing Now – Garth Brooks, guessed by Caryn
3) Way down in Texas, those cowgirls get restless, as they wait for their cowboy to love them for life
4) Behind my eyes I keep my truth from you. No one enters this secret place
One More Time – Queensryche. Brad got this one.
5) I wanted you to know, I love the way you laugh
Broken – Seether (featuring Amy Lee). Kat got this one too.
6) Tom, get your plane right on time, I know your part’ll go fine
7) You wanna know, where we go from here
If I Were You – Collin Raye. Caryn got this one too.
8) Sometimes it’s hard, you don’t want to look over your shoulder, ’cause you don’t want to remember where you’ve been
9) Am I more than you bargained for yet, I’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear
Sugar We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy. Brad got this one too, and it’s a good thing, since he introduced me to this song.
10) Farewell today, travel on now, be on your way
11) Excuse the mess, I didn’t see you from behind, I caught a glimpse, but the reflection’s only mine
Better Version – Shinedown. Another band Brad introduced me to. He got this one too.
12) I heard there was a secret chord
Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright. Kat guessed Leonard Cohen, but as she pointed out, a lot of people have done this song.
13) A long, long, time ago, I can still remember
American Pie – Don McLean. Kat got this one, and thankfully agrees with me about that *other* version of this song.
14) If I had to live my life without you near me
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You – Glenn Madieros. Kat guessed it.
15) Remember when the days were long
End of the Innocence – Don Henley. Kat gets the honors.

10 thoughts on “Meme-tastic

  1. kat

    I know two of them instantly, but I’m going to have a better look at the rest when I get home.
    12. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen and many, many others (I like Jeff Buckley’s version best, personally)
    14. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You – Glenn Medeiros. And with that, I forever kiss whatever little indie cred I had goodbye forever.

  2. Caryn

    Yay for country!
    2. Garth Brooks – What She’s Doin’ Now
    3. I know this one… I wanna say it’s John Michael Montgomery… but the name of the song isn’t coming to me…
    I know #7, too, I think… but I need some more time to think about it. I’ll be back.

  3. Judy

    Yeah, this list isn’t super representative of what I actually listen to on my ipod, there’s a lot of country in there.
    #3 is JMM, I was worried those lines would give it away…

  4. kat

    Oh, and 5 is Broken by Seether? I think it’s Seether. I always think it’s Evanescence and then I remember it’s not.

  5. kat

    I feel SO DUMB for not spying this one right off. Number 13 is, of course, AMERICAN PIE. Don McLean, I assume, cause Madonna’s version frankly blew.
    And 15 is Don Henley, The End of the Innocence, right? But I don’t feel as dumb for not seeing that one right away. 🙂

  6. Brad

    4) Queensryche – One More Time
    9) Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Goin’ Down
    11) Shinedown – Better Version (name of song from google)

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