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For the last day of NaBloPoMo, I thought I’d do a sort of liveblogging thing- posting thoughts as they pop into my head. A lot of days in my head are like what I hope will take shape here- lots of little random tidbits that might make good posts but that I always feel are too short/small/insignificant to merit their own post and so remain largely unsaid… It’ll either be a fun look inside my head, or it’ll be dreadfully boring.
11:20 a.m.
– Beth over at so the fish said has put up an offer to exchange holiday cards. I’ve seen other bloggers do this over the years, and I think I even attempted it once but didn’t get any responses, but I’m gonna try again. If you’d like to exchange seasonal cards email me your address at judy at twitterpated dot org and I’ll send you mine. Stalkers need not apply, because you might end up being stalked by one of my insane housemates in return.
– I just spent a few minutes on myspace looking for people I went to highschool with after filling out one of those silly survey memes about 8th grade… I sent friend requests to a few people, including someone that I’m not entirely sure she’s who I think she is. That oughta be fun. I’m not a big myspacer, but I check it a few times a week and mostly use it to keep track of people i know/knew once upon a time…
– My socks keep falling down, and it’s really annoying
– I saw a friend this morning that I haven’t seen in about 5 years. We parked next to each other, and she saw through my back window that I have a carseat/booster in my car.
W: You have a carseat in your car?
Me: Uh huh
W: Do you have a baby? Last time I saw you there was no baby…
Me: No, it’s for Nathan. He’s 9 now but he’s only 54 pounds. I’ve actually had a carseat in my car for as long as I’ve known you.
W: Oh. I guess I never noticed. I’m glad I didn’t miss you having a baby.
Me: Well, I missed you being in medical school, so that might have made us even…
12:15 p.m.
Seriously. This sock thing is gonna make me insane.
12:25 p.m.
I just got another email for that recipe chain letter. I’ll do it, even though I never forward stuff, because what the heck, right? Everyone can use recipes, and if I don’t get any in return, is it the end of the world? No. Now I just have to decide what recipes to send. Lasagna? Pork chops with stuffing? Chicken with peanut sauce? I’m probably putting way more pressure on myself than necessary…
12:34 p.m.
I am in love with this site. Every day (as far as I can tell) she posts three things that make her happy. It’s just such a great outlook. Also, I love this post, because it is so true. Both previous examples are also appropriate for Love Thursday (two links there), which it just so happens to be.
1:06 p.m.
What did people do before copy and paste? I swear it would take me so much longer to do everything I do if I didn’t have that function. I use it ALL. THE. TIME. And I use keyboard shortcuts which makes it even faster.
1:41 p.m.
Every once in a while I kick around the idea of going back to school and getting a degree. What I want to get it in varies, but I’ve been thinking for some time about becoming a CNA or a nurse. I’d make a lot less as a CNA though, and that’s a problem here because living where I do is so expensive. It’s a TOTAL departure from what I do now, and I know it’d be hard work, but it’d be something I could feel good about at the end of the day. What wild thing do you sometimes dream about doing?
2:00 p.m.
Why does it feel like Friday?
2:24 p.m.
I got some new black dress shoes while I was in Oregon. I think they’re designed to make people with sedentary jobs move around more. If I sit at my desk too long the left one starts hurting my foot, but the pain goes away if I stand up and walk around for a few minutes.
2:57 p.m.
When you’re wearing a v-neck and drip hot soup, you might burn the top of your breast slightly, but at least you don’t have to walk around with soup on your shirt for the rest of the day.
3:28 p.m.
This is probably the most dangerous thing I’ll post today, but someone just called and asked if the lawyer I work for is the same guy as the lawyer who was in the news last year when his wife was murdered. “No, he’s not…. No, I don’t know how to get ahold of him…. No, I won’t look it up for you…. Bye.” I swear, I really am a weirdo magnet…
3:34 p.m.
My shoe is telling me that it’s time to get up and walk around. And pull my mother%#@%ing socks up again. I’m throwing these socks away when I get home.
3:49 p.m.
Turns out standing up is not all I have to do in these shoes, I have to walk around. I’m currently just sitting at my desk with one shoe on. And the socks? They have fallen yet again.
5:00 p.m.
Man it was awfully busy here for the last hour of the business day. (I say business day because I’m here til 7 tonight making up some missed hours. I’ve got lots to keep me busy though, so hopefully it’ll go fast.
5:24 p.m.
I’m sure you’re all wholly sick of me talking about my damn sock, but holy hell! GAH!
5:37 p.m.
ZZZzzzz…… Oh wait, no. I still have an hour of work left…
6:20 p.m.
Technically I only have to be here for 10 more minutes, but in the grand tradition of my life, I’ll be staying til I get what I’m currently working on finished. I thought I’d have it done already but it proved to be more complex than normal.
7:06 p.m.
Done and I’m goin home. Maybe there will pictures to accompany the rest of the night’s additions…
7:47 p.m.
My new shoes and the damn sock, which is now in the garbage:

sock 003.jpg

8:14 p.m.
I’m hiding in my room watching RENT. I should make some dinner… I just had the following exchange with my friend David:
Judy: okay, so I’m totally straight, but Rosario Dawson is HOTT in the strip club scene in RENT
David: Heck I’m totally gay and I agree. LOL 🙂
8:47 p.m.
Made dinner. The picture doesn’t look very appetizing but it was good. Believe it or not that’s only 4 oz of beef, along with a whole wheat pita (put it in the toaster it makes nice crisp pita chips), half a cup of hummus with jalapeño and artichoke, and a cup of sliced dill pickle and garlic stuffed green olives. Yum. And I’ve got some of the hummus mixture in the fridge for later.
113006 030.jpg

9:15 p.m.
Running to the store for cat food…
9:47 p.m.
Home from the store and just finished taking out the garbage and the recycling. We have a month’s worth of recycling because it only gets picked up every other week and the guys forgot to put it out last time. I should figure out what I’m wearing to work and then to opening night tomorrow…
10:27 p.m.
Have I mentioned I love the most recent version of Firefox? It has a spellchecker that underlines misspelled words in red, just like Word does. I love it, and I must say I think it has cut down on my typos actually getting published…
Time for this run of fun to end… It’s bedtime. And so I have emerged on the other side of NaBloPoMo. I made it by the skin of my teeth a few times, but I did it. And now I’m gonna sleep. G’nite.

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  1. DWQ Online

    I love this. More live blogging. It rocks. 🙂
    Add me on myspace.
    I want a Christmas Card.
    I’m glad your boss didn’t murder his wife.
    Did you throw the socks away?

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