I don’t know how new parents do it…

There is something about being bone-crushingly tired that is unlike anything else. It makes you forget things, it makes your favorite TV shows unappealing, it makes food tasteless and it makes things you were supposed to do not get done. I don’t know why I’m this tired right now. Monday I could explain it as tensely sitting in a car while driving on ice for hours, then just sitting in a car for a few more hours is tiring. Tuesday I could explain it as residual stress from the trip. But I’ve been going to bed early and sleeping fairly well, so what gives? I shouldn’t be this tired tonight.
Things that have not gotten done due to overwhelming fatigue:
Embroidery project
Blog entries that actually say something (though this one sort of does)
Sending several emails that need sending
Catching up on shows before my tivo deletes them to make room
Bleh. Maybe this weekend…