It’s funny, I saw/talked to more of my family yesterday than I normally do in a month. Well, maybe a week, since I usually talk to my mom at least once a week. But I saw my mom yesterday, and my sister and my brother(in law) both called last night, independent of each other.
My parents are leaving for Portland tomorrow to go to a convention, then they’ll go to my sister’s in Bend on Monday. Keegan and I will be heading up there on Wednesday.
Eric (my brother in law) called to talk about me driving up there and what car was I going to be driving and the weather and all that, and then Melissa called to talk about other logistics.
And even though my family is with me on the “no Christmas before Thanksgiving thing, I’ve gotten the “what do you want for Christmas” question from both my mom and my sister. My sister works for Hollywood Video, so I usually get movies from her, but this year I’m campaigning hard for gift cards.
My dad has this whole “Clothes are not a present. Gift cards are not a present” thing, but I’m hoping I can get my parents to get past that this year, because what I really really want/need are Lane Bryant gift cards. I’ve lost some weight, my work clothes don’t fit quite right anymore, and I plan to lose more, which means I’ll be in pretty desperate need of new clothes.
I have to make my shopping lists too. I’ll be in Oregon for Black Friday and Oregon has no sales tax… WOOT!