Let the Humiliation Commence

As I mentioned the other day, I took some photos of my yearbooks since I couldn’t scan them. The resolution isn’t great, but it’s good enough to be embarrassing. ;o)

Ah, sixth grade… That wasn’t a kind year. Well, not that any of junior high was really all that kind, but still. I think I look drugged here. Check out the hair though. It’s still quite blond, with a hint of wave. Starting toward the curly-haired brunette I am today…

That’s Keegan, second from left. He was Student of the Month. They pulled him out of PE to take the pic… he’s not really a sweats-wearing kind of guy. And the second picture makes me laugh because “Hot.” is something he says a lot, and it seems he’s been saying it for a while.

I think the giant heart around his head gives it away, but this is Jason, my first love.

I had to include this because it was just too awesome. This guy had an unpronounceable last name, so we called him Razmatazz. He left after 6th grade. I think NASA wanted to study his gravity defying hair.

All the girls had a crush on this teacher. Check out what he wrote in my 7th grade yearbook: “Remember the Science Fiction Club” Yes, I was that much of a nerd.

My 8th grade yearbook went missing a long long time ago, so we move on to…

Freshman year. Oy. There is just… nothing to say about this.

My Sophomore yearbook had a printing problem and a lot of the class photos printed weird, all overexposed, so I couldn’t get a good shot of my photo from that year. But here is something else from that yearbook:

Keegan’s senior picture. And bonus, right next to him is my sister Melissa’s senior picture.

Junior year. Probably the best of my high school photos, and that’s not saying much.

And last but not least…

Senior year. They never got my choice for the photo I wanted in the yearbook, so they chose one for me. This one was the worst of the bunch, and I’ll never understand why they chose it.

Senior year I also did choir and colorguard. Our colorguard uniforms were awful. Those hats have an orange pompon on top, and our skirts were the same black and white plaid.


And you thought your school’s band uniforms were bad? White QTip hat, with orange tassel, Orange coat with black trim and *gold* buttons, black pants with orange stripe. They were definitely something to behold. Ana managed to rock hers in this pic though…

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