10 Things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

1. Fallen out of a tree and had the ER triage nurse insist I tried to kill myself.
2. Had a woman call me at 11:45 at night and insist I worked at Taco Bell and was sleeping with her husband.
3. Laughed so hard I passed out.
4. Got dehydrated to the point of needing two liters of fluid pumped into me via IV.
5. Watched Garden State six times in one weekend.
6. Fell in love with a baby in a Philippine orphanage and wanted to smuggle her home in my suitcase.
7. Sang a solo from inside a 2 story tall artificial Christmas tree.
8. Flown to other states to visit bloggy friends.
9. Learned how to deliver a baby at home.
10. Had a woman in McDonald’s think my best friend was my daughter.

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