From the “WTF?” files

Last night I went to the Sharks game. It was very last minute, but fun. I had a project that needed to be done by today (some details on an SCA outfit that needed to be hand-sewn), so I figured I’d just take it with me and work on it at the game.
I know what you’re thinking, but contrary to that, I actually did get some done. Not nearly as much as I would have had I been home, but still, some. I did the rest when I got home. I was very, very careful not to let the coat I was working on touch the floor of the arena, because, ew. Even so, when I was working on it at home, I smelled beer. I don’t drink beer. I had asshat teenagers seated behind me, but they sure as heck should not have had beer. Where the hell was the beer smell coming from, and ohmahgah was it coming from the coat??
I gave everything that had been near my project at the game a thorough sniffing, but nothing seemed to be the source of the smell. Really, as long as I had not gotten beer on the coat, I wasn’t all that concerned, more curious than anything.
Fast forward to a few minutes ago, I was looking for my ipod case in my purse (had the ipod but not the case) and spied a piece of paper I needed to shred. I pulled it out, and didn’t really look closely at it, but there was the beer smell again. I looked more closely and there was a discolored line on the paper that was damp. It smelled vaguely of beer, but also faintly of soy sauce. Neither of those things should have been anywhere near my purse.
I pulled everything out of my purse, since damp + the amount of electronics I keep in my purse = verybad. I smelled everything, but nothing else smelled like beer. Nothing else was damp, and there was no moisture damage to my leather calendar. It was only on the papers. WTF? I mean, good that it wasn’t on anything else, but where the heck did it come from?