So today is the first day of NaBloPoMo… I was going to talk about how my cat tried to eat a needle last night, but then I realized that that was pretty much all there was to tell of that story, so I decided to give y’all the contents of my purse instead.
Cell phone (silver RAZR V3)
Franklin Covey calendar (I carry it around but almost never use it)
Home- main door and garage
Hillbarn- office and dressing rooms
3 for work
key fob for after hours entry to my office building
2 keys to friends’ houses
Makeup bag-
MAC pressed powder
Burt’s Bees strawberry lip balm
MAC Pro longwear lip color in Passion Preserved
MAC Loud Lash Mascara (this stuff is sob and rub proof- it got put to the test at Laura and Ben’s wedding)
travel size powder brush
MAC retracting lip brush
Green iPod Mini in pink leather case
Safeway receipt (I saved $14.90!)
$1.00 off coupon on Stouffer’s family size lasagna
Travel pack of Kleekex (given to me by a fellow passenger when I was crying in the airport)
Digital Camera (Sony Cybershot DCS-W100- YAY!) in an 1154 Lill Studio coinpurse that I turned into a camera case
set of 6 nesting metal shotglasses in a red leather case (found in Maryanne’s house, thought they were cool)
Ziplock bag containing a spool of grey thread, a spool of purple thread, 30 handmade purple linen buttons, and 14 squares of linen to make 14 more buttons, and the needle my cat tried to eat the other day
San Jose Sharks keychain in the shape of a hockey skate
Car alarm remote (it broke off my keys a year ago)
Piece of brown beach glass
3 hair elastics
2 pairs of broken sunglasses (now in the trash)