Prison Break

I get off work at 5:30. I rarely leave the office before 6. I’m not sure why that is, I guess there’s just a ton of work to do and I always think maybe I can get a jump on the next day. So today, as usual, 5:30 rolled around and I barely noticed, except for Li saying goodbye. She has a long commute so she leaves religiously at 5:30. J1 usually works as many extra hours as I do, but today she came flying out of her office at 5:31, right as Li was saying bye to us.
J1 was like “Judy let’s go. Come on!” I was in the middle of burning a CD and said so. J1 went into the kitchen/file room/copy room and grabbed my lunch container.
“Here’s your container. Let’s Go! We’ve been here long enough!”
I labeled the CD I had burned and slid it into a sleeve, and started closing programs on my computer, them goading me to hurry up and the three of us laughing the entire time. I grabbed my purse and stood up, realizing I had forgotten to rinse my coffee cup. I took it to the sink and J1 started turning off lights. We all walked out together and I was in my car by 5:39. I’m still not sure what the urgency was, but I think we all had a really long week last week and are feeling this week becoming something similar.
Oh, and completely unrelated- my housemate plays guitar and he gets really into it. All my friends hate it as much as I do and we roll our eyes at each other if they’re here to hear it. Tonight I was trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy on tivo, which happened to be a rerun of an episode I hadn’t seen yet, and he started up. I was sitting right next to the tv and I could hear him over it from two rooms away. So I went in there and asked if he could possibly do that a little bit more quietly. I did not, as I wanted to, yell at him. I was very nice. And he played quietly and I could finish my show without the tv blaring. It’s the little things, you know?