Bullet Points

Yeah, I know bullet point entries suck, but deal with it. Some of these might be expanded upon, others likely will not be.
– With regard to the previous post, we’re upping the medication next month and seeing if that fixes things.
– Blogathon went well, thank you so much to all my supporters (both those who sponsored, those who hung out and those who IMed/called to see how I was holding up)
– My best friend told me yesterday that she’s getting married.
– I still have not figured out how I’m spending my vacation, since it looks like 8 days in New York isn’t gonna happen this year. I have a couple of friends I’d like to visit, but since they work those’d be weekend trips.
– I miss having a pool. Maybe that’ll be a criteria for the next place I live. Yes, that means my housemates still suck.
– If you have housemates, and they have friends over, and they’re talking about something upsetting, the right thing to do is to give them some space, even if they are in the livving room watching a tv show you are interested in. Joining in on the conversation is the WRONG thing to do. FYI.