Dreams and Bugs

I just had a dream that my best friend cleaned my room and I came absolutely unglued. Two of my old coworkers- Debbie and Carol- were there too. I came home from wherever I had been, and my room looked different, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Then she started showing my how she had rearranged my bathroom cabinets, and showed me where she had put stuff that had been on the counter (stuff that lives on the counter, not mess that she had cleaned up/put away). I started screaming at them all to get out, that this was MY SPACE and they should leave it the hell alone. Val and Debbie left, and I slammed around the bathroom putting stuff back and being all huffy. When I walked back into the bedroom Carol was sitting on my bed, and I screamed at her “Carol GET OUT!!” She started to cry and was like “You always yell at me!”
Yikes. I have issues. Serious issues. And when I woke up this morning I found that this heat wave is starting to send the ants inside, which means a deep clean of my room and a can of Raid when I get home from work tonight.

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