Mor details on the early morning party

I posted that once the voices outside got too quiet to hear. But I think I wrongfully blamed the teenage daughter. They also have a teenage son I think. I’m not sure, because like I said, I never see these neighbors unless someone is making a ruckus, which has been all of about 5 times in two years, and never in the middle of the night. Honestly, they could have not lived there at all, just been friends of the kids next door, I have no idea. The girl I saw did not look like the girl I’ve seen before.
From what I can piece together from the bits I saw/overheard (because of course I opened my blinds just high enough to peek over my headboard and see what was going on. I’m totally the spying neighbor, but at almost 2 am, I think it’s a right. It’s not like I spy on them all the time) there must have been a group of kids together, and something got explosive. When I first looked out the window- the screaming had been going on for a few minutes- there were two girls getting into a car, with ScreamerGirl yelling something like “get that whore out of my sight!” or something like that. The driver of the car said she’d be back.
There was still lots of angsty yelling and crying, and the mom came out with a roll of toilet paper for the bloody nose. I’m actually starting to suspect that it might even have been the dad out there, and not a teenage boy, but who knows. Apparently ScreamerGirl punched BitchWhore square in the mouth, and got a punch in the nose in return. Guy said ScreamerGirl had been drinking, and he’d take care of it, so the mom went back inside. This is where I overheard that apparently BitchWhore had “fucked [her] best friend. Just fucked him for an hour” (she said variations of that same for a while, but you get the idea). Um, okay… I think another neighbor came out to see what was going on, because Guy said everything was fine, thank you. No apology for the disturbance, which irked me, but, whatever.
The girl who drove BitchWhore home came back about the time the cops showed up. That was when it got too quiet to hear anything so I posted and then went back to sleep. I was never like that as a teen, but I’m pretty sure I had friends who were.