The big 3-0

I think my cell phone has rung (rang?) more times today than in the last two weeks. It’s nice to feel loved though. I woke up nice and late, went to brunch with Keegan (I had breakfast, he had lunch) and now I’m just chilling at home waiting for Laura to get here at 5 and we’re gonna go to the Great Mall and go to Dave & Buster’s and then go to a movie.
My housemate, the one that annoys me most, Doc, actually gave me a pretty cool birthday present, even though I don’t think he know’s it is my birthday. He watches LOST, and he knows that I’ve gotten into it too. One of his friends recently went to China on business, and brought him back a Taiwanese bootleg of Season 2 (I already have Season 1 on dvd) , and he’s letting me watch them. That in itself is pretty cool. But the icing is the subtitles. They are HILARIOUS. I give you the following scene from the first episode of the season:
Actual Dialogue:
Kate: Why do you want to get down there so bad?
Locke: -ly. Why do I want to get down there so bad-ly. Jack thinks I’m crazy, doesn’t he?
Kate: Why? Because you want to drop into a hatch that’s been locked from the inside by a foot thick steel door that says quarantine?
Locke: Well, look at the bright side- the damage is done
Kate: Bright side…
Locke: And if Jack thinks I’ve lost it I can’t blame him really. Then again five hours ago I was pulled into a hole by what appeared to be a column of black smoke. Did you see it Kate?
(she nods)
Locke: Then I guess we’re both crazy. I wonder what Jack thinks he saw.
And the subtitled text of the same conversation:
Kate: Why do you want to get down so bad?
Locke: Liz, why do you want to get down so bad. Jack think some crazy isn’t he?
Kate: Why do you want to lap the food is inside my foot is indoor?
Locke: We will clime die dame is done
Kate: Niht site…
Locke: And Jack think a lot that I can’t really then again an hour ago I was pulled into a hole appears to be black smoon. Did you see it Kaith?
(she nods)
Locke: I guess we are both crazy. What do Jack seems so.
I’m onto the second episode now and the subtitles are normal now, so I may have just gotten lucky in episode one. But Doc was watching with me for a few minutes and we were both just laughing at the subtitles. Awesomeness.
Happy Birthday to me.