(The end is the best part, but didn’t make as much sense without context…)
Laura: it is SO much harder planning with a guy who wants to be “involved”
Judy: hee
Judy: (I’m sorry, but that’s funny)
Laura: more than that, it is SO much harder planning with that guy who’s two states away
Judy: yeah, I totally get that
Judy: what details are you being troubled on?
Laura: I’m trying to show him colors for the invitations
Laura: he can’t visualize the ribbon and wanted to change it all
Judy: oooooh
Judy: no changing everything
Judy: he’ll be here in 2 weeks, right?
Laura: yeah
Judy: can any of this wait til you’re face to face and you can just show him?
Laura: we were supposed to do stuff last time
Laura: apparently he can’t focus when he’s around me
Laura: 8-}
Judy: hee
Judy: maybe you need someone to help keep you on track and on task
Judy: like, “we’re gonna meet with (whoever) and do wedding stuff for two hours, and the rest of the time we can be all googly-eyed”
Laura: ew
Laura: googly stuff
Laura: BARF
Judy: you know you’re all googly
Laura: how did I turn into THAT girl?
Judy: you got engaged
Judy: it happens to the best of us

One thought on “Hee.

  1. Brad

    Ha, so true.
    Oh, and if you’ll give me his email address, I’ll remind him that he’s the guy and he doesn’t get to plan this wedding. It’s not for him. He’s not even in the top three of who it’s for. Geesh, get a clue, man! Sit back and enjoy the wonders of the women doing something without your input. Pick your tuxes, and show up sober the day of your wedding. I assure you, you’ll have a much better time.

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