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I wish I could take a decent picture of my fingers. The flash keeps washing out what I want to show. My fingers are so incredibly banged up, it’s crazy. I’m sure everyone has banged thier fingertips just right to bend or break a nail. When you’ve broken a nail, you totally notice how hard you are on your fingers.
About 3 weeks ago, I ripped off all of my acrylic nails. The proper way to remove them is to soak them off in acetone, but I was having a frustrating day and just kept picking at them. I was left with two hands full of very short, very thin nails. And I already knew that I am super hard on my fingers.
All my nails are still super short. They’re too thin to handle any real length yet, though they are slowly growing back to full strength. Until then, my nail beds are their normal healthy pink. But the very top eighth of an inch, under the very edges of the nail, is a much darker pink, peppered by dark red spots. They look raw, and they look like they should hurt. Thankfully they don’t. I guess I should paint them again and cover that up, but in a weird way, I kinda like the way they look.
**UPDATED** So it’s a few days later, and I have managed to make the nail situation ever so much worse… If you click the picture it’ll take you to flickr where there is a picture of what is under that splint (and don’t worry, it’s not gross).