Well that was fun…

Keegan and I planned to hang out last night. We both worked a little late, so by the time I got home, I was just biding my time until he got there too. I pulled into my driveway listening to my GBC CD (Love!) and wanted to finish listening to the track, so I pulled out my cell phone and started playing tetris. Then one track led into four, and many many tetris games on the phone. Suddenly the stereo in the car went dead, and I thought “aw crap, I killed my battery”. But the air was still on, my parking lamps were still on, so I was skeptical about it being the battery. I’m enough of a girl that I admit that when something happens to my car, I have no clue what it is.
Keegan brought over his jumper cables and we got my car going again, and got on the road. We were supposed to go help Valerie with her light plot at Coastal Rep. When I made the turn from the highway onto Main Street, I noticed red and blue lights in my mirror. Lovely. I knew exactly what it was. My tags are expired because I just keep forgetting to do it.
I pulled over, rolled down my window, and talked to the cop for a few minutes- he asked if the car was registered to me and the like- and then he asked for my license. I dug into my purse for my wallet, and had to dig quite deep before it dawned on me that I had left my wallet in my desk drawer at work. So not only was I driving a car with expired tags, I was driving it without my license. Thankfully I know my license number, and its exploration date. And even more so, thankfully my driving record is clean. Tags are a fix-it ticket, so it wouldn’t go on my record, but still.
The weirdest thing about it all, was that the whole time the cop was talking to me, I couldn’t get over how much he reminded me of Sarah. Then I glanced at his nametag, and it turned out he was Sarah’s brother. I had forgotten that he was a Half Moon Bay cop. When it was apparent that he was going to let me go, I said “I know your sister,” and he was really surprised, but then said “Tell her I was nice to you.”

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