The Spice Goths

A couple of months ago, my friend Audrey emailed our group of friends and said someone had made a musical of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, and that the music had been done by Elton John and Bernie Taubin. We figured it was either going to be really great or really awful, so we decided to all dress up goth and just have a fun girls night in San Francisco- nice dinner, lots of hang-out time, and go to the show.
We all got ready at my place- dark clothing and make-up were strewn all over my bedroom, then we went to dinner at the oldest Morroccan restaurant in San Francisco (we wanted to go to Cortez, but couldn’t get reservations). After dinner was the show, and then we tried to go to Max’s for dessert but they were closed. I have to wonder why Max’s in the theater district was closed at 11pm on a Saturday night, but… whatever. So we went to Friday’s for dessert, which, wow was the service bad. The highlight of the awful service was Charlotte filling a water glass from the soda station, right next to our waiter, and the waiter didn’t even acknowledge that she was getting her own beverage. But the important part is we wanted to have a fun night, and we did.
here are some pictures from the evening… want to know how the show was? Click the “continue reading” link- I don’t want to give any spoilers.
Charlotte as “High Maintenance Goth”
Yours Truly, as “Perky Goth”
The only known photo of the Spice Goths (actually a photo was taken with another camera but I have yet to see evidence of this)

The show was actually pretty bad. I avoided reviews before I saw the show, but a few people had told me it was fabulous, and these were theater people so I believed them. And I really wanted to like it. I really did. The actors were pretty good. The voices were amazing. I felt bad for them that they were in such a terrible show.