Crazy with the Busyness II

I’m still attempting to dig myself out from under a mound of files at work, and piles of dishes and laundry at home, but wanted to post a couple of thoughts:
I walked outside yesterday, and the air just smelled so good. It smelled like summer, even though it is autumn now. It didn’t smell like cut grass or any other recognizable smell, but smelled like sunshine and leaves with a slight hint of poolwater. I walked as slowly as I could just breathing it in.
And I think I have outgrown the Cranberries. When I was an angsty teenager, they were a soothing balm. Now, they kinda grate. I’ve got several of their songs on my ipod, and everytime one comes on I hit skip. I’m not sure if I should be sad about that or not.
Lastly, a recap and pics of Caryn’s wedding will hopefully be posted this weekend.