Is there someone at the door?

My coworker just asked me that, seeing as how I am knocking on every wooden surface around me before making the following statement:
Could this day get better? Oh my gosh this is like, the best day. To start off with, the hot electrician, whom I thought I had mentioned before, but in searching entries discovered I had not, is working in the suite next door, and he talked to me today…. *melt*.
But then. THEN.
I was checking my email. Totally mundane. People talking about yes, they would be at dance last night, no they would not be at dance, yes they will be at the meeting wednesday could you please add [insert item here] to the agenda. And then this:
“I will not be attending, I’m running lights for “Children of Eden” at
school and will be in rehearsal that night.”
And I went into full on psychotic freak mode. Children of Eden is one of my favorite musicals. It’s by the same guy who did the music for Godspell, Pippin, and most recently, Wicked. I’ve been listening to my Children of Eden soundtrack a lot recently, and wishing someone would perform it again. I saw it at AMT five years ago, and LOVED it. I’m so excited!
Okay, I now return you to your regularly scheduled Tuesday afternoon droning…