Irritating Evening

When I got off work yesterday, I was in a fairly decent mood. I wasn’t overjoyed about anything, but I wasn’t in a bad mood either. Then I went shopping. I went to the mall, where I browsed in Lane Bryant and Torrid. Lane Bryant didn’t have very much at all worth looking at. None of the cute sweaters and knit tops I had been interested in when browsing their website were available in the store. “Oh well”, I said to myself, “I’ll take a look at Avenue.” I took a quick sweep through Torrid, but I rarely find anything suitable for work there, so I wasn’t terribly disappointed about not finding anything.
I drove down to Redwood City, headed for Avenue, when I came upon the Redwood City Library. I’ve never been in it, as the Foster City branch is close to my office and is more convenient for me. But the Redwood City branch had a book in stock that I had been looking for (God how I love the online card catalogue!) so I decided to swing in. (The building is gorgeous and I’ve wanted to go in many times, but they were never open when I thought about it.) I will not make that mistake again.
I never thought I’d say this about a library, but, haaaaaaate! It is poorly laid out, and it is very difficult to find anything. I wandered in circles and up and down stairs and through the Non-Fiction room (more like a warehouse) for several minutes, before finding the children’s area quite by accident. I managed to find the book I was looking for (young adult biography) with the help of the children’s librarian. I asked her where the fiction section was, and she told me to go to the second floor and turn left. Well, when I got to what seemed to be the second floor, there was no left. Turned out I was on the mezzanine level. So I went up a second flight of stairs, where again there was no left. I made a right, then a left, and found myself in the Project Read room. Through the Project Read room and another right, I was in the fiction secion. Which again, was more like the fiction warehouse. I couldn’t find anything that looked interesting, so I headed to the checkout desk. Where I found a second fiction section, with all kinds of interesting looking things. I’ll stick to my regular library, thank you very much…
From the library I headed to Avenue, still in search of some new work clothes. I found a couple of cute things, but nothing that jumped out and grabbed me. There was a lavender and pink boucle jacket that was on amazing sale, but it was lavender and pink. The blue one was not as cute a cut, so it did not warrant a second look. I got increasingly frustrated as i was flipping through the racks, and seriously wanted so scream “Have you ever heard of natural fibers?!” because everything on those racks was rayon and polyester and stuff that didn’t feel good when I touched it. So, I left.
Then, it was down to Los Altos, to test my wireless card, which had mysteriously ceased working in the week that it had been unplugged from my computer. I plugged it in to Charlotte’s computer, and it powered right up. Thus leading me to believe it was not the card, but the PCMCIA slot on my *brand new* laptop. So I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Dell tech support, the conclusion of which is that my laptop, which I have had for one month, needs a new motherboard, which should be being installed tomorrow.
I’ll believe that when it happens.

3 thoughts on “Irritating Evening

  1. Mike Walsh

    Bummer of a one-damn-thing-after-another series of events, Judes. I hate those kinds of stretches. ‘M sorry for you.
    On an alternative note: thank you an unspeakable amount for your most generous comments in that ‘what you love about whosoever comments’ deal a while back. What a rich opinion of me you have.
    If I was in a bad mood that night at Sushi Rodeo– Sushi Expo, actually, but given the owner’s country/western bent, Rodeo makes perfect sense… better sense, even– I’d forgotten about it. I remember I was fairly well exhausted, though, what with the nigh-Herculean labor that getting myself moved turned out to be. Anyway, I’m glad of any joy I may have provided you, as your comments certainly gave me cheer.
    And I’ll tell you, I could use me some long conversation sometime, if you’re interested.
    > Michael- I love that you were amused and not put off by that whole “Mike Walsh wants to marry me” thing. I love how you struck up conversations with everyone around us at that concert- i admire your ability to do that. I love how you hold my coat for me when we leave a place. I love that you introduced me to Sushi Rodeo, even if you were in a bad mood that night. I love your willingness to give up a life here to care for your family. I love how we can have long conversations about comic books and TV programs. And I love how you wanted to be in Cirque du Soliel.

  2. Defining David

    I stick to using our Main Library; however, any time I go to other branches, I always just ask at the front desk for what I’m looking for. Luckily, the Central Arkansas Library System will ship books to your Library Branch if you dont’ want to go to another one. I have that done all the time.

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