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Thomas Wolfe said you can never go home again. I think it’s not because home has changed, but because you yourself have changed. I grew up in the world of science fiction conventions, and never really thought anything of it. Maybe because I accepted fandom and everything that came with it as normal, becasue I hadn’t seen much more of the world and had no basis for comparison.
But now, I don’t understand what it is about fandom that makes people thank they can wear whatever they want? Speaking as a fat woman, I can say that fat women should not wear corsets, tiny short plaid skirts and fishnet stockings. I saw a couple of furries, seventeen year olds wearing “boobs on a plate corsets, a ton of wanna-be goth kids, and far, far too many people showing skin they should not be showing. I mean, maybe I should think it’s great that people feel comfortable enough with themselves to wear that stuff, but you know what? I don’t want to see that. And I’ve heard the things said behind the backs of the people dressed that way.
I went to a convention yesterday, solely to see my jeweler. I only wanted to be there for a couple of houors. And being there yesterday, I know I have changed too much. And that can never be my world again.

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