10 Things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

1. Fallen out of a tree and had the ER triage nurse insist I tried to kill myself.
2. Had a woman call me at 11:45 at night and insist I worked at Taco Bell and was sleeping with her husband.
3. Laughed so hard I passed out.
4. Hid under my friend’s bed for 3 hours insisting the room was on fire after having acid slipped into my beverage.
5. Watched Garden State six times in one weekend.
6. Fell in love with a baby in a Philippine orphanage and wanted to smuggle her home in my suitcase.
7. Sang a solo from inside a 2 story tall artificial Christmas tree.
8. Held onto my virginity til the age of 28 (and still holding).
9. Learned how to deliver a baby at home.
10. Had a woman in McDonald’s think my best friend was my daughter.

3 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

  1. Caryn

    Okay… I got something similar to #2… Kirstin was living with me and somehow got a number transposed of some guy she was trying to get a hold of… she had paged a COP who called back at midnight asking that we not page him… his wife didn’t appreciate it.

  2. Judy

    Umm, no, I thankfully did not have to deliver the baby, she went full term and was born in a hospital, but I had to learn how to deliver a baby at home just in case. I nannied for a woman whose first baby was a preemie and was born like 20 minutes after the water broke, so for the second one, the nanny was prepared.

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