Sometimes Silence is not Golden

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy, in several areas of life:
I’m working on a new show- I’ll be running lights for the first time ever, and I’m excited about it because it’s for Affordable Theater’s entry in AACT Fest for regionals in Oregon, then hopefully on to Nationals in Michigan. I’m very excited about participating in a theater competition. I really wanted to do this show but knew with everything else going on I would not have time to learn lines and attend rehearsals twice a week.
Picasso at the Lapine Agile opened at Hillbarn this past weekend, and Valerie and I will be splitting House Manager duties on the production, so I’ll likely be there Thursdays and Saturdays. I’m also thinking about auditioning for The Sound of Music, which will be Hillbarn’s spring production. I found out they’re doing Brigadoon next season, and I desperately want to do that one…
I’m also planning a feast for my Medieval group. The theme is Montagues v. Capulets: The Funeral Feast of Romeo and Juliet. That has theater aspects as well, but due to unfortunate timing, I will not be able to attend the event, which while I’m bummed that I’ll miss it, I’m missing it for a delightful reason. We had the “test feast” this past weekend, where we test all the recipes and make sure they’re edible/appealing to the modern palette since they are period 16th century recipes. I’m pleased to say the the test feast was a smashing success, we nixed one of the desserts but other than that everything was fabulous. It helps that our cook is amazing.
Wow, what else? I’ve been dating a bit, that has been fun when I can find the time. I think half the people I know have decided that 2005 is the year to marry and/or have a baby- I’m know of four wedding so far this year, two of which I’ll be flying to, and two babies due to other friends. In addition to traveling for two of the weddings, I’m planning trips to Texas for blogathon this summer and hopefully a trip to San Diego in April because Peter may be coming out from PA for a conference. If I don’t get to see him in SD he might drive to Buffalo from Philadelphia to see me while I’m there.
Okay, I hate those posts that read like a Christmas letter, but I wanted to provide my many excuses for why I haven’t been posting. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.