Late Again

Okay, so I’m always way behind with memes. But oh well. My life has been insanity and it took me this long to come up with all of these.
Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
Pick a few lines of dialogue.
As people guess the film, strike out that entry.
If possible, after the film is guessed, explain why that movie made the list.
1. “Oh but ‘Baby Fishmouth’ is sweeping the nation” Kat got this one. I say this all the time. When Harry Met Sally is the greatest movie, Keegan and I watch it together all the time, and when we’re not watching it we’re quoting it.
2. “I think we should pray”
“I’d rather eat dirt”
David got this one. Steel Magnolias is the ultimate chick flick, and another one I can quote endlessly and recite along with the movie.
3. “Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat.” Rasee got this one – It’s Notting Hill. I just love this movie because it’s sappy sweet and because I love Chagall.
4. “I’m nice, I really am, apart from my terrible taste in pie”
5. “These are my children, and I will protect them from myself even if I have to”
6. “Oh how romantic… a marriage proposal that contains the word ‘shit’.” Caryn got this one – Riding in Cars With Boys. This movie wasn’t what I expected from the ads. Special to me though because it’s the only movie I’ve ever known to make my best friend cry.
7. “Being nice when you say something pricky is even prickier”
8. “There are few things sadder in this life than watching someone walk away after they’ve left you, watching the distance between your bodies expand until there’s nothing… but empty space and silence” Rasee got this one too. Someone Like You. Hugh Jackman is the epitome of yumminess. This is one of the movies that had me screaming at the TV, pillow clutched to my chest, holding my friend Lolly’s hand. And the first time I saw it was with Lolly, and when it ended, we rewound it and watched it again. And sadly, I’ve experienced the feelings expressed in this quote, so it’s doubly meaningful.
9. “Oh, there’s nothing worse than a finicky agapanthis”
10. “If you say that my IQ is well beyond your IQ charts then why are you asking me if I understand what you’re saying?” Kat got this one too – Powder. This was the one I didn’t expect anyone to get. I loved this movie, because I hate when people suffer because other people fear what is different or that they don’t understand.
11. “Leave it to you to use big words when you’re smashed” Rasee got this one too. 10 Things I Hate About You. Gosh. Who doesn’t love this movie? I like it because it’s about not being afraid to be who you are, it’s a modern version of Taming of the Shrew, it has Heath Ledger… what’s not to like?
12. “George Michael is still a superstar and you still listen to Wham!” David got this one too. Bend it Like Beckham. I was totally prepared to hate this movie because of the ending, but then it didn’t end the way I thought it was going to. I like it because it’s about trying to be who you want to be, but without disappointing anyone else, and that can be a really hard thing to do.
This is also may be the last meme you’ll see here. I’ve decided to make my livejournal meme central.

12 thoughts on “Late Again

  1. kat

    #1 is When Harry Met Sally…
    #10 is Powder, isn’t it?
    And I KNEW I knew number 8, because I had just read it, literally, last week, and it was a line so good I wanted to underline it, except it was a library book so I couldn’t. And I was really confused, because I was like, “How did I miss Animal Husbandry being a movie? I would totally remember that movie coming out if just for the title.” So I had to do some research and learned that it was, in fact, adapted to a movie with a different title, which I have never seen, but I’m glad to know they left that line in. Read the book, by the way, if you haven’t. It’s good. ( Partial credit? 🙂 )

  2. Judy

    Oh my god I can’t believe someone actually got Powder! I don’t know anyone who saw that. Kat also gets partial credit for #8, but it’s still up since se didn’t know the title of the movie.

  3. Rasee

    And who better to share Kat’s credit than me? “Someone Like You,” thank you very much. Hugh Jackman in those boxer briefs…oh my goodness. Hot. (I need to get laid. Hee.)

  4. Caryn

    I totally cheated and googled #9, so I won’t spoil it for the others and say what it is… but I have a funny story about that movie… When it was in the theaters, I went and saw it with my boyfriend… and we were on a double “date” with James and Kirstin (yes, my little sister). heh.

  5. Keegan

    OMG! You are such a chick flick monger! LOL I had to Google the rest of them, too, so I won’t guess, but I will give a hint: they’re ALL chick flicks.

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