Again with the strange…

I just got the weirdest phone call… it was “unknown caller” on my caller ID, but I figured it was late enough that it had to be either a wrong number or someone I know. The conversation went like this:
Me: Hello?
Woman: Hi, is this the Judy [deleted] that works at the Taco Bell in East Palo Alto?
Me: Um, no, it’s not.
Woman: Are you sure?
Me: Who is this?
Woman: You’re sure you’re not her?
Me: Yeah, I’m pretty sure I work in a law office. There’s a Judy [deleted] that works at Taco Bell in East Palo Alto?
Woman: Yeah
Me: Huh. Weird
Woman: You’re sure you’re not her?
Me: Why are you looking for her?
Woman: Why do you want to know?
Me: Um, maybe because you’re calling me at quarter to 11 at night.
Woman: She’s having an affair with my husband.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Oh. Yeah, definitely not me.
Woman: I’d almost rather it was you and you worked in a law office than at Taco Bell
Me: Yeah, trust me, I’m completely single.
Woman: Listen to me, I’m talking to a complete stranger, can you tell I’m stressed?
So I was like, Okay, good luck with that…buh-bye… and she’s saying “pray for me”, and I could finally hang up. Part of me thinks it was a prank by someone I know, but who knows. The strange things do tend to happen to me. Hmm… I wonder if that explains the number of hangups from unknown callers on my answering machine lately…

5 thoughts on “Again with the strange…

  1. Tara

    Hm. That is very strange. (I’m glad that’s not happening to me, though. I’ve enough crazy hooha of my own to worry about)

  2. Mick

    Maybe you’re leading a double life, in your sleep?
    (I mean working at Taco Bell, not sleeping with her husband!)
    Hell of a good prank, if somebody was behind it!!!

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