This is not comment whoring, this is requesting advice

So, I was on the radio again this morning. NoName was giving really bad advice to this woman who said she was 25 and still a virgin, because while she had had opportunities, she wasn’t ready. Frankly, I don’t remember anymore what her questions was, but his answer was basically that she should just go out there and get it over with. I, of course, thought that was the worst advice ever, but was getting ready for work so I wasn’t going to call in. But then some other chick called in and said “you give the worst advice to virgins” and No Name was saying that guys want girls that age to have experience with intimacy, and that this girl was gonna freak guys out.
Well with that, I had to call. So I called in, saying that I was 28 and still a virgin (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that here before or not, but I don’t think I have, so, there you go.) and that it was by choice not circumstance (and not because I have shovelface- kiss my ass NoName). I also said that the fact that I was still a virgin hadn’t freaked out any of the guys I’ve dated, they ask what my reasons are and in general they’re fine with it. Maybe it’s because I’m up front about it, I don’t know. So anyway, the call turned into them wanting to set me up with someone, because clearly, i needed to go out and “just do it” as well. They had me describe myself, which I did, including the fact that I weigh 330 pounds. They tried to get Hooman to go out with me, but Hooman is so not my type and I said no way. Matty on the other hand….
Then, they put some other caller on the line with me, some guy who wanted to take me out. So they had the two of us chat on the air for a minute, and Sarah was like “Give them tickets to the karaoke party” but that’s this Friday and I’ll be landing in Austin right about the time that party kicks off. So they put us on hold, and I got his email address and phone number. I gave him my email address, there was no way I was going to give some random guy my phone number. He’s emailed me already, and it was super cheesy…
So I open it up to you, my public- what should I do?
(Oh, and his email is at AOL, I checked, he’s on AIM- should I message him?)

3 thoughts on “This is not comment whoring, this is requesting advice

  1. Jo

    Not that you know me from Adam, but I wouldn’t go. You’ve made a decision that is right for you and your body and there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. The DJ (radio station)that sets this thing up doesn’t care which way this thing goes – good or bad. They’ll have people tune in regardless of the outcome to you.
    I’d email the guy for awhile and see if anything interesting happens.
    So that’s my .02.

  2. Almost Lucid (Brad)

    Um… FIRST, you should post his email message here because I’m a total voyeur.
    Second, I think the way you met him is really bad. All he knows about you is your dimensions and that you’re a virgin. So, if you’re interested in pursuing anything I’d definetly feel him out via email for a while. Heck, in a couple of emails you could find out that he’s a total freak. Also, it would tell you if he’s really interested enough to do the proper preliminaries before meeting.

  3. dan

    I concur. Alice is interested in ratings, not long-term stable relationships. And this guy is a total unknown quantity – is he interested because you’re a virgin, or because of some personal characteristic other than that, or because he’s got some sort of neediness issue? Send a few emails back and forth. Give him the address for this blog and see how he handles himself (in light of reading these comments – and if he doesn’t show up and comment, that’s enough information right there).
    Don’t let a radio station push you around. Hell, they haven’t been worth their salt since they got rid of Vinnie and that hot engineer they used to have.

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