Casa de Parte

Forget the caffe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea
A Malibu and Coke for you, a G&T for me
-Barenaked Ladies, Alcohol

PK had a housewarming party on Saturday. It got a lot rowdier than we expected. He had the regular barbeque fare, burgers, hot dogs, chips, sodas and a limited supply of beer. He had mentioned a few days before the party that he was going to get Coors Light. I made a face, said, I know who is coming to this party- Do Not Get Coors Light. So he got Sierra Nevada. People started showing up, and C and K had just returned from Italy, so they contributed wine they had brought back.
Quick cast rundown, so it all makes sense:
PK, me, Sarah, Morgan (Sarah’s daughter), D (PK’s ex from college), F (friend and J’s partner), J (friend and F’s partner), C (HMB friend), and K (C’s friend, who has a crush on PK) and The Little Prince (shortened to TLP for brevity, PK’s roommate).
Most of the people at the party smoke (D, C, K, F, J, and PK, but PK was smoking cigars), so we quickly ended up in the backyard. PK and TLP have an overabundance of couches, so we were very West Virginia and had 3 couches in the backyard. TLP was sitting on one of them, enjoying the sunshine, and *reading a book* while the rest of us smoked, and munched and drank wine. After an hour or so of this, K decides he needs, of all things, Coors Light. Ok, whatever, I never met him before and so can’t speak to his lack of taste in beer.
He decides to go to the store, and I go with him because I actually knew where the store was. J handed me 20 bucks and asked me to pick up another bottle of white wine. C wanted one too. I know nothing about wine, so I choose stuff based on the label- cool name, pretty label, whatever. So we ended up with a bottle with a pretty picture of what I can only guess is the vinyard in Italy the wine was from, and a bottle of Goats do Roam just because of the name. I also picked up some apple twist smirnoff ice, because I like it and I know PK does too.
We get back from the store, PK has got the burgers on the grill, and the hot dogs were all black and shriveled on a plate. They were pitiful. But the burgers were great, we all ate and drank (a lot) and were generally rowdy and LOUD. At this point I think TLP was suitably afraid of us, and took off somewhere.
There was a whole lot of drunk dialing going on. But it was all friends and stuff, no calling exes or anything, just some old school friends, and of course my illustrious call to Caryn. Actually, I think there were only three drunken calls made, but C’s cell kept ringing and I’m sure her friends now think we are insane.
Morgan is only 13, but heartily embraces her role as “beer slave”. She knows she can’t drink it, but she likes getting the bottles and opening them and giving them to people.
I’ve never been at a party where drunk people broke stuff. But a wine glass got broken (glass and cement patios don’t mix), and as Sarah was cleaning it up, she knocked over an empty bottle and broke that. At this point, PK and C start kicking stuff off the coffee table (yes indeed, there was a coffee table to go with the couches) but thankfully nothing else broke. The party started to break up about 9ish, since D had to drive home to Sausalito (I’m so jealous), and C and K had to go because C’s friends got engaged and C and K had to go be celebrational with them. At this point we moved things inside, because it was getting chilly and too late to be that loud outside.
Sarah and Morgan left a little while later- after a very major ticklefight that left PK on the floor gasping for air- during which Morgan, Sarah and I kept shoving furniture out of the way and fighting to get PK and J to let go of their wine glasses before any more wine got spilled on the couch, or anything else got broken. Things got a little bit calmer, except for a belligerent J who had had a bit too much wine. F and I had an amazingly good talk. A surprise guest showed up at 11:30 (yes, PM) and stayed about half an hour, then he and I left (separately) and I got home about 1.
So, the party was rockin’. My Saturday was good. Which is good, because my weekend was overcommitment central, and it was good to cut loose for a while.

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  1. PK

    Hey! Don’t be makin’ fun of mayh suthun roots! Just ‘cos y’all yankees don’t unduhstand suthun hahspitality. 🙂 Glad you had fun and got to talk to F. He’s such a sweetie. But, where’s my post about the doorless Volvo crusade?

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