I’m done dealing with this stuff now

This is an open letter to my friends, my family, and anyone else reading it. You are hereby put on notice that you are not allowed to do anything to yourself that requires a hospital (Stacie and Kirsten, you can still have your babies, but you are not allowed to have any type of life-threatening complications). You are not to ski/snowboard/skateboard and break yourself. You are not to crash your car/truck/motorcycle/scooter. You are not to fall off a stepladder, sew your finger or forehead with a sewing machine, get stitches or participate in any activity that could cause you to require an ambulance.
Equally prohibited are illnesses which require any type of hospitalization. No extreme dehydration. No food poisoning. No heart attacks, strokes, seizures or collapsed lungs. No severe bronchitis, no dangerously low blood sugar, no pneumonia.
Do you hear me? No. More. I’ve been meaning to post something to this effect for a while- since my dad’s heart surgery. I meant to do it last week when Caryn’s grandfather went back into the hospital. As I type this, my dad is back in the emergency room with what they think is post-operative pneumonia. I can’t take any more of this. No. More. Hospitals.

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