Good Morning Charlie

I’m so going to hell.
The guy who delivers mail to my office is the nicest mailman ever. Charlie the Mailman. He’s always here by 10:30, and he always says hello and is super friendly. He’s got to be in his seventies, but he’s spry and always so chipper.
But he gets completely baffled by the little scanner thing for certified mail. He stands at my desk and fights with the thing for several minutes, while I just sit there and smile and keep working, while still being attentive of course.
But today, he comes in, and I say my usual (very Charlie’s Angels-esque) “Good Morning Charlie” and he smiles at me and takes a seat in my waiting area without saying a word. So I wait a minute, then can’t help but laugh. Thankfully I was hidden from his view by a tall stack of files, because I don’t want him to know I’m laughing at him.
I shoot off an email to my coworker-
subject: Good Morning Charlie
message: Make yourself at home why don’t you?
The string then goes something like this:
co-wkr: yeah, what is he doing??
me: I don’t know, but I’m so going to hell for that comment…
me: I think he’s got certified mail for us and he’s fighting with his computer thing again…
co-wkr: yeah, that’s what it looks like
co-wkr: but he didn’t say anything
But yes, indeed, he did have certified mail for us. And as I was signing for it, he said, “From Blah Hoo Blah State Bank” But I heard “Blah Hoo Blah State Penn” and I looked up at Charlie said, “But we don’t do that kind of law here…”
It’s going to be one of those days- I can feel it.

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