Some of you may remember

Some of you may remember this post from two years ago. This weekend, all the feelings expressed were completely and totally validated. I was at a friend’s booth (she sells garb at events), and this other woman I know came in and bought a couple of things. She pulled out her checkbook, and I said, “hey, I have those same checks!” and we proceeded to have a 10 minute discussion on the trauma of the switch in design, and how neither of us had found a suitable replacement yet. I found one design, from Checks Unlimited that has a similar enough feel to it that I’m seriously considering ordering them. It’s their Renaissance design. Again, I like them because they are feminine without being overly “girly”, and grown up without being stodgy. They have an elegance about them that I like too- elegant without being stuck-up.
I used to write a lot of checks. I liked my check design. I wanted to use my checks. Now I write as few as possible. It helps that I now have one of those check card things. But I’m thinking if I get these checks, I might go back to writing checks, or at least being happy about writing the ones I do write.

2 thoughts on “Some of you may remember

  1. Tara

    I love the 2nd comment in your other checks post, where the chick’s like “you could direct your energy elsewhere”.
    what a tool.
    I was going to say “I’m gonna call you later” but I think I’ll actually be on the road too early to reach you… I get outta work at 4:30 today.
    Think i’ll email you instead. yeah.

  2. Caryn

    Yea… that 2nd comment on the old entry was so…. random and like, “where the hell did that come from?”
    I’m glad you found some checks you like. I never write checks (I always use my check card), but hey… everyone has their thing. 🙂

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