Daily Random #1

I had the following chat with my friend Caryn earlier. Girly stuff is only in the first couple sentences.

Caryn: I’m starting to get pms cramps (ie. like, a week or so before my period). and I forgot how awful they were without birth control.
me: aww
Caryn: like, I’m just doing my work thing and then it suddenly feels like someone punched me in the abdomen
me: 🙁
Eyes on the prize?
Caryn: yea, that’s what I keep telling myself.
me: Joo CAN DOOO eet!
Caryn: lol
I wanna be pregnant. like, right now.
I’m impatient
me: aww
right now probably isn’t an option, but maybe by Thursday if you work on it tonight
Caryn: lol this month is unlikely. we’re avoiding my ovulation on purpose this month.
me: well then I can’t help you
not that I can really help you ever, but still. I tried.
Caryn: make the month go faster.
me: oh, see that I can do
lemme see if I still have Superman in my phone
Caryn: hehehe. thank you 🙂
me: he’s not picking up. I left voicemail.
Caryn: thanks. you rock. 🙂

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