So hey, I have this Blog thing

Buh. It’s been what, like, 2 months since I said I wanted to be a better blogger, and then total radio silence? I still do want to get back to blogging. I do sort of miss it. I think I just have too many hobbies or something. I just noticed that I only posted 9 times in 2009. I’ll try to do better than 10 times in 2010.

Here’s the thing. Whenever I think of things to blog, I’m usually at work. And there were times, in what I guess is a distant past since I only posted 9 times last year, that I’d take a quick break from work and post something. Work is no longer a place I can tear a few minutes away from for this sort of thing. Which leaves evenings and weekends. Which are filled with hockey and friends and hockey and training to ride a half-century in July. And knitting. And trying to keep my house clean. And TV. (wow, sad that TV is on my list) I could blog while I’m watching TV, but I’m usually knitting or doing something else craft-oriented.

But I do miss this. I miss sharing photos and stories and weird random thoughts with my online friends. The weird random thoughts are semi-covered by twitter, but still.

Anyone have suggestions on what they’d like to see me write about? Anything you’re dying to know about me?

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