Another Busy Day

Slept quite late since I was up til all hours working opening night. Scored some excellent leftovers to take to Keegan’s tree-trimming party later though- some fancy crackers and cheeses, and some festive dips- jalapeno-artichoke-parmesan dip and an olive tapenade.
But first I’m headed over to see my friend Jay’s condo, then over to Ray and Nicky’s to watch Thursday’s hockey game on tivo- I can’t tivo Thursday games because of Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy- then off to the aforementioned tree-trimming party.
The apartment Keegan moved into over the summer has vaulted ceilings, so he got the most enormous tree- it’s like, 9 feet tall and really wide. It’ll be interesting to see how it fits into the living room.
After tree trimming the plan is to go to dinner somewhere and then to see Milk, the movie about the first openly gay polition, who was murdered back in the late 70s in SF.
So, it’ll be a very enjoyable day, just a busy busy one, as this season, and my life in general, tends to be.