Seven Years

As always, my feelings about today are put so much better by someone else. Sars wrote one of the most powerful pieces about that morning that I’ve ever read. While I was gripped by the horror of something like that happening, and I was struck by the strangeness of an empty, planeless sky, she trudged from downtown back to her apartment covered in ashes. Hers are the posts I seek out on this day every year since.
“Looking at the light columns downtown, it’s the same feeling, the same question. I love the lights, the way they look blocky and rectangular at the bottom, like buildings, and then as your eye goes up, they become fuzzier beams cutting through the clouds, but really, I want the buildings back — the actual buildings, with the people in them. I know that will never happen, and I know why, but the buildings and the people in them were stolen from all of us. That skyline belonged to us! Those people were ours. They weren’t yours to take. Why did you do that? How could you steal them from us? WE NEEDED THEM.” (full entry here)
Read her original entry here.
Also, if anyone who reads this lives on the east coast and thinks they might know Don, please let her know.