It tastes like burning!

I don’t know if it’s made national news, but Northern California is on fire. Where I live and work are safe, as are my family and friends, but there are 3 or 4 fires in this area, and when I breathe through my nose it smells like fire. I don’t like it.
The Oakland Hills seem to burn every few years, Tahoe had a bad fire recently, and there was a big fire south of here last year and I could see the smoke in the air, but I’ve never been surrounded by it to the point that I am able to smell it before. It’s really disconcerting.
Good thought for the firefighters and homeowners please?

One thought on “It tastes like burning!

  1. Heather

    I am SO glad to hear you’re alright. I have been thinking about you! Stay safe and keep an eye on things. And please, keep us up to date.
    As always, happy thoughts and prayers are being sent out to the people out there trying to save lives!

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