Unmotivated is an understatement

I have hockey class in two hours and I don’t want to go. My gear is all packed and ready, except for my gloves which Chad is going to bring to me because I lent them to Nicky earlier this week.
Last night was Bravo, a big fund-raising event for the theater where I work. I spent a long couple of hours tending a bar set up on a too low table in heels, then another very long 90 minutes helping clean up and pack up afterward. There was not a single part of my body that did not hurt when I woke up this morning. I’m still vaguely stiff and sore after a long hot shower and lunch.
Hockey class is too hard when I’m at my best. I have no idea how today is going to go. I’m still going, I just don’t particularly want to today, which is sad given how long I waited to be able to take this class.
I went, I suited up, and I really tried. I made it through half the class before my legs just gave out. But I didn’t punk out and stay home, so for that I can be proud.

2 thoughts on “Unmotivated is an understatement

  1. Brad

    It may sound more crappy than it is, but doing things when you don’t want to, because they are the right things to do, is the difference between a life lived and a life wasted.

  2. Caryn

    I agree with Brad. And just the fact that you gave it a shot is awesome. This is something you wanted to do and you tried it, even though it was scary… so many people don’t make it that far. I’m so proud of you.

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