Three entries in one day??

Just wanted to share a letter I just sent to one of my favorite web sites. I’m not the girl who sends flame emails to bloggers. If you do something on your site I don’t like, I either stay becasue I love the rest of your content and ignore the parts that bug me, or I get bored and move on. The web site Television Without Pity (TWoP) has long been a favorite of mine. A year-ish ago, it was purchased by Bravo, with the promise that it’d deliver all the same snark, which it by and large has. But they’ve messed with the site design, and everyone I know and have talked to about it hates it. A big heaping lot.
A couple of months ago, the the founders, Sars, Wing Chun and Miss Alli all left “to pursue other ventures”. There were whisperings among my friends that something may or may not have gone terribly wrong and that was the reason behind their split. Right around the same time, the TWoPs current site design was unveiled. In a word, maybe two, it is, Truly Awful. But I love me some snark, and so I grit my teeth and stick around, and say nothing. Until today, when I finally just HAD to send them a letter.
What I sent is below, behind the cut because it contains spoilers. If you don’t know who won Step It Up and Dance last night, and you don’t want to know, don’t click. (See TWoP?? That’s how you do it)

Hi, I’m not sure if editorial is the right place to be emailing about this, but I trust that if it’s not, you can get it to the right place. I’ve had a lot of hate toward the new design of the site, but since I love TWoP, I whined to my friends and came here for my recap fix anyway. But today when I came to the site I saw something that offended me so deeply that I just had to write and say something.
Always, always, I could count on TWoP not to spoil the end of my favorite shows. If I was a week behind on Survivor, nothing on the front page would tell me who got the boot, so it was safe to come to the site for the Grey’s Anatomy recap. If I clicked the Survivor recaplet, that was my own fault, but there were never spoilers on the front page. I think it was a rule or something.
This morning, when I went to check on So You Think You Can Dance, there was, right at the top of the page, a picture and a blurb declaring Cody as the winner of Step It Up and Dance. I felt… wounded almost. TWoP has always been about understanding how important our shows are to us, silly as that may be. TWoP has put me- as a reader and fan- through a lot in the last year, and I’ve kept coming because I love me some snarky recap, but this is so far beyond what this site used to be. Please fix this error and don’t do it again. I don’t want to have to stop coming here- I might actually have to work at work, and we can’t have that. But if I can no longer count on there being no spoilers, that might just be what has to happen.
Judy P.