Day 316: Unexpected

Day 316: Unexpected

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I thought tonight’s game was in Phoenix. I called Nicky to see if I could go watch the game at her house, because my tivo was busy, and before I could get my question out, she asked if I wanted her tickets because she had rehearsal. Actually, she and Charlotte both had rehearsal, so Nicky’s husband sat in Charlotte’s single and Nicky gave me the pair. Sadly Keegan has the flu and Jena couldn’t get away from the kids for the evening so I ended up not using the second ticket, but at least I got to go. (And Dee came over from her seat on the other side of the arena and sat with me for the 3rd period)

And we shut them out? And scored 5 goals? This is what I’m talking about. Maybe the Sharks are finally fighting their way back to being the wonder team everyone was predicting, but that we haven’t seen yet this season.

(I fudged the date a tiny bit because I did this at the tail end of my day, which happened to be about 1am)

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