Eco-Friendly TMI

Seriously. Lots of TMI here. Had a chat with Brad today, and thought I’d share.
me: oh, so Chris Cactus’ post today may have inpired a post for me today
Brad: urinal cake?
me: heh. no. peeing in the shower
Brad: oh ok
me: i’ve always been in the ewwwww category personally, but only anatomy-wise
Brad: ?
me: to peeing in the shower would pretty much entail peeing on myself, which, Ew. No. (TMI?)
Brad: I think he was assuming it was mostly guys. I figured it was that way for girls.
me: i was surprised though how many girls were all “dude, we can pee standing up!”
me: so anyway, I’ve always been in the Ewww camp. but then people brought up that it wastes less water and TP, and now I find myself trying to get out of the Ewww mindset because I’ve claimed to want to be more eco-aware
Brad: 🙂 peeing in the shower will change the world, Judy. 😉
me: 😛 every little bit helps
me: when I was growing up, we’d save our shower/bath water and flush the toilet with buckets from the tub
Brad: wow.
me: well, we were on water rationing for a while out here
Brad: that’d be a good idea… to route your shower water to your toilets.
me: yeah
Brad: like, automatically.
me: that’d be cool
me: i was also reading recently about flushable diapers
me: which has nothing to do with peeing in the shower, but more with the whole eco-friendly thing
Brad: yeah. I can’t imagine such a thing would hold much pee.
me: well, supposedly they’re on par with cloth for that. it’s like, a flushable liner for a reusable pant
Brad: ok
me: anyway. I’ve got years before I have to worry about that
Brad: I’d like to be more “green” around the house. I’m going to see if I can find a good list of things we can do to cut down on waste, water, and energy consumption.
me: yeah, me too