Free Skate

Tired once again, but this time for different reasons. Went to the adult skate at Sharks Ice, which which seems to have become a weekly routine. It was just Dee and I tonight, as Chad had a meeting and Charlotte had a game. Nicky finally got her skates over the weekend but still needs to get her knee braces. I think I logged more ice time than ever- there were still a few breaks to rest my aching feet, but not as many.
There’s a man I’ve seen there every Tuesday who pushes a baby in a stroller or carries him in a Bjorn- his wife is a figure skater and he goes to watch/support her- who came up and told me that he’s seen me every week and that he can tell I’m improving. I almost didn’t go because I’ve been cranky, and now my back and knees are sore, but I’m glad I went.
We worked on transitions and hockey stops, and while I can kinda sorta hockey stop, ie, I’ve stopped crashing into the wall, and I can turn around, it’s not really a transition because I lose my momentum and end up just going the direction I turned in. Charlotte and Dee’s coach from their hockey class, WaWa, is apparently for saying “If you aren’t falling, you aren’t trying hard enough”. Thing is, I’m actually terrified of falling down, even though I wear pads. I probably came the closest to falling I ever have last night, both trying to do c-cuts, and when I was coming around a corner, but I think that was blade slippage and not me trying to do anything fancy. I need to get my skates sharpened.