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This time the questions are from Brad.
1. What is your favorite picture you have taken so far for your 365 project on Flickr?
Day 26. I just really like the way it turned out.
2. What is your favorite blog web site (the individual, not bloglines)?
Tequila Mockingbird. She hasn’t been writing for about a year, but it looks like she might be starting up again. If I have to pick someone active… This Fish or Mimi Smartypants
3. If you could transplant yourself in another time and live out the remainder of your days, would you, and what time would you travel to?
Sometimes I like to think that I would want to live in medieval Europe, maybe Florence or Tuscany in the 12th century. I’d love to live in England during that same time and watch the great cathedrals being built… but I think if I were actually presented with a real and true option to go do it, I wouldn’t. I like my climate controlled environment and my daily showers a little too much.
4. Where do you see the future of religion going? Considering the significant changes in the last 100 years, where will Catholocism, Islam be in 100 more years, or 200?
This is the question I’ve struggled with the most. It may be a question of semantics, but after a lot of thought I have to say that I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, I consider myself to be a person that follows a particular line of faith. I don’t pay a lot of attention to what “religion” says- I think it throws a lot of unnecessary complications into what should be a much simpler thing- so I’m not sure I can speak to what it will or won’t do. But I think that as our world continues to evolve and change, major religion is going to have to change with it, or lose membership. I’ve noticed that Unitarian churches are on the rise, at least around here. I think that trend is very likely to continue. What I also think is likely is that blind adherence to religious structure will continue to decline. “Because it is how I was raised” or “Because it’s what I was taught was right” is no longer a reason to follow something beyond the point where we can think for ourselves, and I think it will continue to happen more and more that people will come to their own conclusions about what they do and do not believe.
5. If you could eat one final meal, what would it entail from beginning to end?
Hot, fresh baked sourdough bread.
Spring green salad with string beans, cucumber, black olive, crab, bacon, and cheese, with homemade ranch dressing.
Prime rib (cooked by my brother in law) and grilled salmon (pacific wild only) with lemon and dill, with cheesy garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed brussel sprouts.
Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

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