You know you’re from Half Moon Bay when:

More filler but wow, so true! Got this from an old HMB friend. There is real content coming very very soon.
1. You love the sight of fog rolling over the hills as you drive over 92, coming back from “over the hill”.
2. You went “down the hill” for lunch in high school, and realized you’ve eaten at every place in Strawflower Village more than 100 times by the time you’re a senior.
3. You say “hella” and “shluh” among other various slang unique to Half Moon Bay, or at least know what it means.
4. You went to beach parties with bonfires, and the cops probably broke them up.
5. You knew the cops and/or their families by name.
6. If you had older siblings, your teachers would always have to mention something about them.
7. El Gran Amigo vs. Tres Amigos — will we ever agree? (burrito places)
8. Cunha’s Country Store has a special place in your heart.
9. You were secretly happy when that one hotel that was blocking your ocean view got burned down…
10. You’re proud of Maverick’s Beach. (One of the most dangerous beaches in the world)
11. You know what “3 Palm” is and remember exactly what went on there (or not…).
12. In high school, you painted various body parts orange and black (usually a paw print and your graduating year on your cheeks) and went to at least one Friday night football game, if not all of them.
13. You’ve driven up Higgins for no particular reason.
14. You own a Coastside, Miramar or Cowboy Surf Shop, or HMB Board Shop, sweatshirt or tee. (I had a Miramar Surf Shop fanny pack in the 6th grade)
15. You wear flip-flops all year long. (I don’t, but I could)
16. You have a certain dislike for Pacifica and tend to refer to it as Pathetica or Pasyphillis.
17. You are loyal to a certain coffee shop. (La Di Da, even now)
18. You are used to summer meaning rain and fog.
19. As soon as it’s warmer than 65 degrees, you wear shorts and a tank top.
20. You call it Highway 1, not the PCH.
21. If you hook up with anyone the whole town thinks you’re a slut.
22. You know when there is a new truck or boy in the town.
23. You can’t and won’t get away with anything. Everyone knows your parents.
24. It’s “Tres”- not “3 amigos”… and it is where you go after every football or basketball game
25. At the high school we learned how to drive TRACTORS (I didn’t, but my friends did)
26. People from over the hill tend to disgust you (Even now…)
27. You complained everyday about how there’s “Nothing to do in this town”, yet you still have bizarre amounts of HMB pride.
28. You either had a probation officer or off the top of your head can think of at least 5 people with one from either smoking weed or stealing alcohol from Rite Aid/Safeway/Long’s or other liquor stores on the coast.
29. You skipped school to go to the Maverick’s Surf contest just to defend your turf against barneys, or just cause you owned a billabong sweatshirt.
30. Cunha (school not store) dances. enough said. (“Earth Angel” anyone?)
31. You hate the stupid tourists who come here to go to the beach on the weekends in the winter when its cold, foggy and windy…whats the point!?
32. Someone can shout “Whassa matta for you?!” and then start whistling and you know who exactly who they are imitating (Shop teacher Mr. Silva)
33. You know about secret pretty spots that nobody else knows about.
34. down the hill for lunch, over the hill for movies… we dig the hills.
35. Even if you were not on probation, you knew all the probation officers’ names. (I didn’t know there was more than one.)
36. Bev from Cunha’s is special. She really, really, is.
37. By Sunday night, you already had next Friday planned out.
38. You ever stole pumpkins to decorate the school for homecoming.
39. You know there is nothing on earth like a Coffee Co brownie after a San Benito House sandwich.
40. You dread having to drive anywhere near 92 between October 1st and Christmas because of the “pumpkin people” and the “Christmas tree folks”.
And just one I have to add… PATM.