Small and unrelated, but share-worthy

– I’ve lost about 15 pounds or so in the last month. Randomly, the most notable losses have been from my fingers and my feet. My rings fly off if I shake my hand to hard (like the reflexive shaking you do when you slam your thumb in your desk drawer) and spin around on my fingers when I applaud anything.
– I got my first ticket in 9 years last Saturday, and for the dumbest reason ever- stopping behind the limit line at a stop sign. I stopped at the corner rather than at the line, and there happened to be a cop right there. Grrr.
– My AIM, for whatever reason, is blocking my friend’s sister from IMing me. The other day Dee had to set up a chat between her, her sister, and me so that her sister and I could talk to each other (I needed to ask Jen a favor).
– I have abused my fingers more in the last four days than I probably have in the last four years combined (not in severity, just in sheer volume). In addition to stabbing myself with an embroidery needle at least twice a day, I’ve slammed my thumb in my desk drawer, and my fingers in a supply cabinet the shower door. I’ve also nicked a knuckle on our Christmas tree stand cut the back of an index finger on a broken ornament. I also got my finger stuck while doing something last weekend, but I can’t remember what.
– I punched myself in the mouth putting on my bra the other day. Apparently it’s dangerous to be me.

2 thoughts on “Small and unrelated, but share-worthy

  1. kat

    … or it’s just dangerous to have your boobs. That last line made me laugh.
    Also? I got your card. But you didn’t sign it. Sillyhead.

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