When I first started watching hockey, Charlotte told me that there are lots of traditions and superstitions in it. Some of the ones I can remember off the top of my head are:
Our goalie changing his pads in the middle of the season was a bad thing.
Charlotte must be knitting something at the game or the sharks play badly. (though it seems any handicraft will work because I sewed buttons from her seat a couple of weeks ago)
Chinese chicken salad is not hockey food and must not be consumed at the arena.
At one of my first games, I applied for a credit card solely because I’d get a free acrylic blanket with the sharks logo on it. If I don’t sleep with that blanket the night before an away game, we lose. Sometimes we lose anyway, but it can’t be blamed on me. Recently I had misplaced the blanket, and we lost two in a row. The third night, I slept in my jersey hoping it would do. We won the next 2.
Tomorrow night there’s a home game, but I’m sleeping in my jersey anyway because I’m freezing and it’s warm. I’ve also since found the blanket (it had fallen behind my headboard), and that’s under my pillow.
It might only have the power for away games, but if not… we should kick ass against the Flyers.