Oh the screaming…

For there was much of it tonight. But in a good way. Dee and I went to go see Five for Fighting at the Great American Music Hall tonight. And we were close enough to touch the stage. Close enough to get some AMAZING pictures with my new camera. He played all my favorites, and I knew every song. Last time I saw him in concert I hadn’t heard the album he was touring for, so there was a lot less singing along. Tonight I sang along to every song, and got smiled at several times. He actually saw Dee and commented “Go Red Wings” because she was wearing a Red Wings jersey. Because “Dude. Five for Fighting.”
It was a great show. I’ve never stood so close to the stage at a concert. So close I could have reached out and touched the piano. I took over 100 pictures, and let me just take a moment to say just how much I adore my new camera. My old camera would have given me 100 unintellegable blurs. This one got me some super clear shots, and several video clips that are more than 10 seconds long.
Dee thought the drummer was hot. But he gave *me* the drumstick. I was so surprised… I didn’t think he really would. So that was revenge for *my* John talking to her during the concert- I got the drumstick of the guy she liked. Payback’s a bitch. ;o)
I love that he plays small venues, so it feels really personal and intimate. I will do my damnest to see him every time he comes to town.

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