A whole lotta talk about toilets

So, I’m actually prone to the expression “smells like a urinal cake”. Because those have a distinct smell. And generally the response is “how do you know what a urinal cake smells like? Well… aside from a lifetime of camping and using portapotties, there is this:

110406 003

As house manager at the theater, stocking the bathrooms is part of my job. There have been weekends where I couldn’t even go into the men’s room. Seriously men, how do you not notice that?? The big problem with that, because it would seem like I wouldn’t have to spend a while lot of time in there, is that we store supplies and things in the closet in there. Things I need every show. Also, our ladies room only has two stalls, so on busy show nights sometimes we cycle them through the men’s room too so that intermission can actually end.
Now employees… sometimes employees just have to deal. But we can’t ask that of our patrons and then expect them to come back for more. So this season has been an experiment in deodorization. I am glad to report that it seems to be working. The urinal cake may be becoming obsolete. Though I must say, I am a little frightened by this:
110406 001

It’s floral scent, but in the package it doesn’t smell like anything. So it’s…. moisture activated? I don’t think I want to know. Oh, and it comes with its own rubber glove for removal. I am *so* glad that’s not my job.

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