**I’m warning you Laura- don’t**
Anyone who is not the Laura getting married on Saturday- this is totally safe for you, but if you know Laura do not share this information with her.
So, I’m in a wedding on Saturday, if you hadn’t guessed. I had my dress custom made because some designers do not like the fact that there are women over size 22W. I like the dress I had made, and I think it looks nice, though I do feel a little bit like a chocolate fountain when I’m wearing it (another bridesmaid told her husband she looked like a Hershey Kiss). Thing is, it’s too big. It seemed like it fit fine last week, but the zipper was faulty so I guess I couldn’t totally tell. My dressmaker changed out the zipper and I picked up the finished dress yesterday.
I tried it on when I got home, and it’s pretty loose. Loose enough that I can take it on and off over my head without unzipping it. Now, my body is such that I’m not going to acheive a super flattering fit anyway (not being self deprecating, just stating a fact) but I’d like it to at least look like it fits. Maybe I’m being hypersensitive, and maybe when the totally awesome Dee looks at it tonight in an attempt to alter it so it fits a little better she will say it looks fine and doesn’t need anything, but I think it’s gonna need a tuck here and there.
I realize no one is going to be looking at me, they’re going to be looking at Laura in all of her radiance, and no one is going to notice an ill-fitting brown dress when it is standing next to a stunningly fit white silk gown. That is totally how it should be because Saturday is about her, not about me. But I’d still like to feel like I look nice.

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  1. DWQ Online

    I bet you would look fantastic. If not, run out real quick and get some quick alterations done. However, if nothing else and you decide to have a “quick” one with a best man, then you know it will be super easy to get your dress off and on.

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