When new haircuts are a bad thing

Charlotte and I had lunch on Wednesday. We both recently cut our hair short, and I was wearing a shirt that hasn’t fit in almost two years- a shirt I’m pretty sure she’s never seen me wear before. She is semi notorious for being late, so I wasn’t entirely surprised, even though I was running late as well, that she did not seem to be there yet when I got to the restaurant. I did a quick walk through, didn’t see her, and so I requested a table for two and sat down to wait for her. When 20 minutes had gone by I pulled out my phone and called Nicky, to see if charlotte had a company cell phone that day. Nicky said she’d call me right back with the number. As I hung up the phone, Charlotte came up and tweaked one of my curls. She had been sitting two tables away the entire time, but we were both looking for the other’s “old look”. We had a pretty good laugh, and so did the waitresses helping us.