A couple of quick notes

I cut 8 or so inches off my hair today. It’s short and I love it. And the timing couldn’t have been better, because it has been so hot here the last couple days. This is the Bay Area. Air conditioning should not be required on the way to work in the morning. I got home from work today and turned on the sink in my bathroom to wash my hands, and the water was hot. I turned it all the way to cold and it stayed hot. There was no cold water in the shower either when I tried that. Finally I let the sink run for a few minutes and the water cooled down again. The water had been sitting in the pipes all day and had heated up. Ugh.
Also, to the person who sent me the PostSecret book as an anonymous gift- thank you so much. I found it waiting on my doorstep tonight, and it’s really good, so… thanks!

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